What happens when I...

What happens when I disable a user?  


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2019-03-21 03:40  


I have got a customer that has several invoices overdue and I want to block access to the products.

"Deactivate" in Exchange terms means disconnecting the mailbrox from the AD user. What does it mean in CloudPanel terms?
Can I deactivate the user and re-activate it later (including all his data)?

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Sorry for the late reply. If you disable a user it will mark their account as disabled in Active Directory. If they have a mailbox then it will also disable activesync, ecp, owa, and all mailbox features except send/receive. The mailboxes will still receive email but they won't be able to retrieve them on their devices (they will get prompted with a login).

Would be the best way to make them call you.


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