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[Closed] Moving User between Tenants

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we needed to move users from one tenant to antoher.

Due to the fact that you are not able to type an underline at creating your tenants(Company in Cloudpanel) we used a space.

Unfortunately cloudpanel can not handle a space.

For some reason the offline adress book is listed without an space. Although the tenant was originally created with an space in its code.

So when you try to move an user, the server can not find the offline adress list.


As a workaround, we created a new company, did not use any sapces in the code and were able to move the users.


Is there a opportunity to get this fixed in the future.

Does anyone had the same issues?


Thank you,


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I am a little confused because you can have spaces in the company code and it will create the OU with spaces but when it creates the offline address books, GAL, security groups etc, it does remove the space.

Are you saying you have another company that HAD a space that was created with CloudPanel in the past or was this imported into CloudPanel from another control panel?