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hi support team,

we want to import all Users from our Hosting Domain into Cloudpanel, to manage the Users and Groups in one portal.

The problem we have is reading out or evaluating the users who do not have a mailbox, but belong to a certain group.
The specific group could, for example, be the ALLTSUsers group, which Cloudpanel automatically creates.
In which case is this group used in the standard?

Is it possible via the Cloudpanel Portal to give a certain user within the account configuration the preset group "ALLTSUsers"?

Can the group or number of members of the group -> ALLTSUsers be displayed in a report?

Or is it possible to display a self-created group in a report?

I hope you can understand my problem, I need this so that an evaluation with the number of members of a certain group for our accounting can be dropped from this system.


thank you and best regards

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You don't need to worry about the AllTSUsers group. Ideally you will create new companies in CloudPanel and import the users and objects using this article:

If you want us to migrate it for you, then we charge $2 USD per user that we import (one-time fee, minimum 250 users).