Change features plan for a specific mailbox  

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2018-06-11 06:01  

I'd like to know if it is possible to change for example, mailbox send limit or any quota just only for an user outside the Exchange Plan

As I can see, this is set by the Exchange plan set this plan to users. 

If one user ask me to give him more space, is it mandatory to create a plan only for his configuration. 

I've seen that I can change it directly in Exchange Server but if later, I change something in the user from the panel, the panel sofwtware change the value taking the value from the plan

for example

Exchange Plan has a Cuota size of 2 Gb

I create a mailbox with this plan and CloudPanel create the user with 2 Gb of mailbox cuota

After that, I increase the user quota to 5 Gb

now, if I change any value from cloudpanel, the user change the value in exchange mailbox to 2 Gb, where this is the value set in the exchange plan.

By this way, I' ll have to create a lot of plans.

It would be good to have plans, but for us it'll be necesary to be able to change some of the Echange Plan for some users


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2018-06-11 11:22  

The only way to do that is to create a custom plan for that user. At the present time you cannot override plans on a per-user basis which is what you are looking for, but we can add that as a possible feature request.

Most of the time service providers have a few (under 10) global plans that they use across the board for all customers. Normally the plans are large enough to cover the growth of most users and there isn't a need for a custom plan per user.


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