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admin/setup 403 after moving IIS site  


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2020-09-18 00:51  


I've moved CloudPanel website from default to a new website in ISS.

Admin panel works fine but I lost acces to setup

http://localhost/CloudPanel/admin/setup --> 404

http://localhost/admin/setup -> 403


Is the setup part integrated in the main site? I've only enabled bounding with public FQDN but enabled split DNS for internal acces.

How can i possibly gain back access to setup without reinstalling?

Have clue would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Nicolas S.

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2020-09-18 01:56  


Just found out the setup is accesible from outside world (one loggeind as admin to panel) 

Issue is therefore solved we need to see how restrict access from local only.

Thanks for reading ? 

Jacob Dixon
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2020-09-18 06:49  

@misadmin it is looking for you to come from the loopback address on the server to allow you in without authentication. If you are using host headers then this can create a problem. When you say you can get to it from the outside, do you mean after you have logged in?