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Transfer domain between different companies

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We currently have the following situation:

Company A has configured multiple domains of which 1 domain is domain X.

We are going to delete all domains and the attached users/mailboxes of company A except for Domain X ( and it’s users/mailboxes )

We also have a Company B that now wants to use domain X

is there a way to transfer a domain and the attached mailboxes/users etc from Company A to Company B in Cloudpanel?

or can you configure the same domain for multiple companies?



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1 Answer

There is a setting in the CloudPanel setup page to allow duplicate domains. When you check this it will allow you to add a domain to a company that is already added to another company but they must be set to the same settings. This will allow both companies to use that domain but they still will not see each other due to each company belonging to their own address book policy.

If you truly want to merge them together then we would need to go into SQL and change the companycode column in the database to move the users and make sure we move the users on the backend as well.

RunningIT Topic starter 2022-09-28 06:43

@jdixon Thank you so much!

After i remove the user in Active directory. i am assuming a also have to edit the distinguished name in SQL?

if i also want to edit the username? does that work in the same matter? in Cloupanel the username is greyed out it seems to i cannot edit it there?

i would have to edit it directly in active directory and then edit the corresponding properties in the SQL database for cloudpanel to recognise the object again? 

Jacob Dixon 2022-09-29 08:42

Actually, I don’t know what I was thinking. Select the user in the Users page and under the MODIFY drop down you should see a “Move User”. Then you can select the new company code.