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[Solved] Update Mailbox Plan


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Hi thre

We had a mailbox plan with mailbox size set to 3gb. We now changed the plan to 5gb. If i make a Detiald Microsoft Exchange Useres report, the mailboxes are set to 5 GB size Limit.

But if we check it in ECP, the users still have 3GB Size Limit. Do I have to take any action after changing the mailbox plan? It would be a pain in the a** to change everyone seperatley or doing it by power shell.

Thanks a lot.

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2 Answers

We made the decision not to modify existing email accounts when the mailbox plan was modified due to the complexity since we have the "additional mb" option for mailbox plans. You would need to update the users that were using this plan (which you can click the button to see the users using it). You can use the Bulk Edit button on the user's page for each company to modify the plan/resave it for multiple users at the same time

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Thank you Jacob.