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Hey Jacob trust you are well, I have just updated to your latest release however now it takes a long time to get to the weblogin then when I add the user details it takes well over 10 min to login. When it does login it tells me the cloud panel service has not checked in for over 24 hrs and all the data is blank, if i then click on resellers currently I have been waiting 15 min to see what it does 

there is a delay when the application first starts and you can turn this off by going to the application pool in IIS, select the CloudPanel application pool and advanced settings. Then you can change the idle timeout to 0. Also if the cloud panel service isn't running then you need to make sure it is running. It is included with the download and it installs a Windows Service.

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IIS app pool settings already on zero and also always running is set, the service is also running anything else I can check 

@networkneeds Please take a look at the log files of the service. They should contain the error as to why it isn't working. You can attach files here but only if it gives you a private option, otherwise I'll have to get you to email them