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[Solved] Unable to get recovered from backup mailbox into CloudPanel

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Good day,

one of our administrators have accidentally deleted user mailbox in CloudPanel. After that Exchange administrator have restored it from backup. All functions are now restored and mailbox is visible and operational in Exchange (via ECP/PS), but it does not appear in CP anymore.

We have made all possible manipulations to it to get it back in CP (Converting to resource and back, changing Name/Display Name, adding additional email address), but without any success. After every change CloudPanel APP pool in IIS was recycled.

Could you advise on actions that we can initiate to get user visible in CP again?


Thank you.

1 Answer

If the user was deleted with CloudPanel then it should of been removed from the database and no longer shown, correct? After you restore the account to Active Directory using your backup software and reattaching in Exchange, you would need to import the user back into CloudPanel following this article: https://kb.knowmoreit.com/docs/migration/migrate-objects-to-cloudpanel/importing-users/