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Evening all I have a question relating to Teams, One of our clients in CloudPanel has a local AD server that syncs to O365 this authenticates the users for logon's and O365 Apps however they have now rolled out teams and we need to get the calander functions working however I cannot see how this can be acheived with email being issued in CloudPanel your advise on this would be greatly appreciated even if it is not something that can be done.


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I'm  not sure that this will work because Teams will need oauth authentication working which will require a hybrid environment between the O365 tenant and on-prem Exchange. Since their syncing with their local AD and not your environment, it won't have access to your Microsoft Exchange.

Now, in September 2020 Microsoft released an update to the Hybrid Configuration wizard ( that allows you to do multiple configurations between a multi-tenant Exchange and multiple O365 tenants. This will require you to do the Azure AD Sync with your environment though which will involve you having a sync server per tenant that you want working.

Essentially, I don't think it will work with the way you have it setup but if you plan on keeping them on your Exchange you could change their syncing over to you and setup the hybrid config to make it work (we are in the process of testing and playing with this configuration but not done)


@jdixon I did think this as the AD that syncs with O365 has different setup for users and they logon to its own domain One question would it be an option to create them as a new client then have there AD sync to CloudPanel therefore making the user accounts sync then look for a way to sync O365 then move mailboxes in exchange.

I'm not sure why you are moving mailboxes unless you are moving mailboxes to Exchange? You can setup the AD sync with your environment but you will just have to remember that you will need a different server for each customer you are syncing. When you do that you can even setup a hybrid configuration if you wanted using that link I sent above (we have not tested this but it is really out of the scope of CloudPanel). That will connect their O365 (without Exchange) to your Microsoft Exchange environment and allow the use of Teams.