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[Solved] SPF record missing  


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We installed the new version 3.2.0330 two month ago, but still all our domains show the following error:

"The spf record [] for domain [test.com] is missing a required value. "

I already restarted the Service, and also checked the field SPF under exchange, where I entered the correct SPF entry. (Is there any special formatting with inserting the SPF entry? We just added mail.test.com does it need to be [mail.test.com] or something.

I asks this because, in the error message it only shows [] without the data from the SPF field und setup -> exchange.

Thanks and best regards.

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It sounds like the service isn't doing the spf checks. If you go to the Domains in CloudPanel and click the arrow to expand the domain, it should do a DNS query and show you the spf value. This will also update the database. However, the CloudPanel service should be doing this automatically. Are you sure it is running and the version matches the version of CloudPanel you have installed?

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Thanks, the service was not matching the version. (just after I hit send here, I checked that and updated it ? ) now when I go to the domain and hit arrow, it does the check and everything is ok. So now it shoud check all others automatically.

Great service Jacob! Thanks!

@madpad You're welcome! Glad it was an easy fix. Have a good weekend!

How long will it take, to check the other domains automatically? 24 hours? Or can I somehow force it? Thanks and have a good weekend, too!

@madpad It should be every 120 minutes.