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Using something like Barracuda's Secure email application when sending it to any domain within my multi-tenant exchange platform it does not send the link to the barracuda site. I know it's secure because it's internal but the client doesn't know that. They want it to go out like it was being sent outside the exchange server. 

I know exchange looks internal first then sends out via the send connector but, is there a way to bypass the internal lookup first and force it to go out the send connector? 

I hope I'm explaining this right



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Hi Keith. You are correct that by default Exchange will first do a internal lookup to see if the email exists and then send to the send connector based on the RECIPIENT domain. The problem is in multi-tenant environments you may need to send to specific send connectors based on the SENDER domain which is what our Route By Sender product does. I see you have already purchased it, but if you run into any issues please let me know. The instructions for installing are here:

Thanks Jacob, I saw that after I posted. Any way I installed without any issues but it does not work. The instructions seem to be for Exchange 2013 is there any updated instructions for exchange 2016?

It is the same for Exchange 2016/2019. By default the route by sender will only route messages between internal tenants of different domains to the send connector specified. You can change it to route ALL emails with the route by sender. Can you tell me how you are wanting it configured?