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Password Expiration Notification doesn't get send  



I checked the logs and it showed me this:

[2020-04-19 13:10:31,287] | ERROR | CPService.Tasks.ActiveDirectory.Get_UsersPasswordExpiringTask| Unable to find a matching branding for user

I have a couple of these errors, but it came after ther following errors:

2020-04-19 13:10:30,083] | ERROR | CPService.Tasks.ActiveDirectory.Update_ADObjectsTask| Error processing missing default groups for company

Can you show me where to change or correct things?

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Make sure you have configured branding for you CloudPanel because it needs to use that FQDN to generate the link for the users to use. On the menu at the top right, click on Branding. I would also take a look at this article:


We have configured branding with a .local FQDN. We have created an e-mailtemplate with the mandatory {{ExpirationLink}} variable. We also followed the article before.

It still gives us the same error + we have to wait 1440 minutes to see the result again.

Is there a way to manual start this? And is there something else we can try?
The branding is assigned to us as reseller. No company branding is used. And the e-mail template is also CloudPanel wide and not company wide.

@runningit Could you send me the logs at There is a Log folder for the CloudPanel Service that you should be able to zip up and email.

Posted by: @jdixon

Could you send me the logs at

I send you the logs btw.

@runningit We have replied to the ticket you opened already with what the issue is. You should have an email from us

I tried to login to compsys, but can't login. Tried to register but get an e-mail saying: Your request could not be processed. Please contact your IT Administrator for assistance.

@runningit I don't understand what you mean. You should of just received an email with our response and you can reply to it if you need to respond to the ticket.