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Multiple Issues in Public Folder management  


Hi Jacob,
Hi others of the KnowMoreIT Team!
Today we have encountered some issues in our installed CloudPanel Instance (Version 3.2.318.0) in the public folder management section.
Issue #1
Upon trying to add more than one e-mail alias to a Public Folder, CloudPanel encounters an issue with the second (or all additional) adresses.
The error is listed as the following:
 Error: "The address 'smtp: sample@domain.tld' is invalid: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: The address ' sample@domain.tld' is not a valid SMTP address."
Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that there is a blank space at the start of every adress, which appears to be the root of the problem. It seems CloudPanel is adding these blank spaces automatically.
Issue #2
When trying to grant send-as-permissions to a Public Folder, CloudPanel presents the following error message:
The best overloaded method match for 'CloudPanel.Exchange.Exch2010.Add_SendAsPermissions(string, string)' has some invalid arguments
What we noticed is that CloudPanel SEEMS to be trying to use Exch2010 cmdlets/parameters, but we are currently running on Exch2016 (And Exchange 2016 is configured in CloudPanel as well).
We would like to stay within CloudPanel and avoid using the ECP.
Any information or updates regarding these issues would be greatly appreciated.
P.S.: We still love this product and the ideas that are planned. You guys are doing a great Job!
Kind regards,
Kevin Kleinjung
E&W Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

@kevinkleinjung Kevin, thank you for the feedback! I will take a look and see if I can get this produced and resolved. We are releasing a new update next week and will get this fixed by then. I will let you know of my findings today.

@kevinkleinjung Kevin, can you hold shift and refresh the page? I'm wondering for the email alias if it is old javascript cached because I wasn't able to reproduce that one.

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Hi Jacob,


it can't be an clientside cache issue because this occurs at a customers computer who has logged in the first time after our last update.
I think we are talking about the first issue?

Was it maybe fixed undocumentated between 3.2.318.0 and 3.2.320.0?

Kind regards,


@kevinkleinjung I checked and don't see anything. I did find another unrelated issue that we are going to work on and I will continue trying to reproduce this. If I don't find anything by EOD Monday, we may need to do a screen sharing.


Hello, Jacob,

did you find anything else last week? Otherwise we can watch it remotely via TeamViewer.

Kind regards,


@kevinkleinjung We have a new update we are releasing tonight. I would like you to install it tomorrow and see if it resolves your issue.

Hi Jacob ,
is the update already released? Didn't found smth. new at the download-section.

Kind regards,

@kevinkleinjung Please check the downloads now. I just published it. Let me know if that works and if it doesn't I can do a screen sharing with you.


Hi Jacob,


The problems I have descriped are resolved! ? 


One additional issue is open but I haven't reported yet. If an user-mailbox is having an X500-Adress (because the user is migrated) and the X500-Adress contains an comma, we are not able to modify / update the user via the CloudPanel.
We are getting the message: "<part after the comma> is not a valid email-address". Is there a workaround?

Pseudonomized Example:

X500:/o=hv/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=b820770339bf4f08b0f6a1614fXXXX-Doe, John
Error Message: John is not a valid email address.

Would be great if we can get a workaround or solution for this also, it's the only known (by us and our customers) remaining issue so far.

Thank you in advance and kind regards,


@kevinkleinjung That is the exact error you are getting? That sounds like a message coming from Exchange not and CloudPanel but CloudPanel could be passing it incorrectly. Are you able to add that address in ECP and it works fine?

@kevinkleinjung Actually I think you have to escape the comma with a \. So it would be Doe\, John. Give that a try and see if it works. (Exchange thing, not CloudPanel thing)


Hello again, 

as for our X500-address problem, your solution of escaping the , with a \ somewhat works, but not exactly in the way it’s supposed to. 
We’re currently migrating a company to us for hosting and intend on managing them with CloudPanel, meaning we don’t really have the luxury of tampering with the LEDNs, and since Exchange internally communicates with LEDNs rather than SMTPs, adding the \ to an address falsifies the X500-address in Exchange. 

While it does work and allows us to add additional aliases again, using the \ to escape commas in addresses communicates the \ into the X500 address in Exchange, thus falsifying it.  

Another issue with this method is that either Exchange or CloudPanel remove EVERYTHING following the \, also impacting the X500-address. 

(Ex. X500:/o=hv/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=85638c236f4e41e4aa72e990aedXXXXX-User\~Test~ 
the part highlighted with ~ does not show up in neither CloudPanel nor Exchange).

Thank you for your continued support and communication! 
Best regards, 

@kevinkleinjung I see the problem. The issue is the token delimiter is a comma which means it should cut off there. We would need to make the token delimiter a semicolon to resolve this. Let me test that and I can send you a javascript file for now to fix this.

Hi Jacob,

any update? 🙂

Kind regards,

any news about?
Or can you tell me the js file that is responsible for, then I would take a look at it on my own if possible.

Kind regards,