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[Solved] MFA ?

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Can we setup MFA using Cloudpanel ? 

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thank you !


CloudPanel doesn’t support SAML yet but you can use the built-in TFA for CloudPanel users. If you go to the user and click to edit, you can enable the Two-Factor Authentication slider which will prompt the user for scanning a barcode the next time you login.

If your super admin group is just “Domain Admins” and your users are not in CloudPanel, then you cannot enable it for them. My suggestion would be to create a new company (IE: * CloudPanel Admin Company), move the users to that new organizational unit, then you can import those existing users into CloudPanel ( which will allow you to enable TFA on them.

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I kinda lost you there..

we have a bout 10 companies (clients) one would like to have MFA on their email boxes, I don’t want to move them to 365 just for that, so I am looking for my options to be able to keep them on that server and allow multi factor for them.

thank you  

Jacob Dixon Jacob Dixon 2022-07-11 17:32

@rono ahhh sorry. Exchange is unable to do that out of the box sadly. They may eventually add it so it supports the same as O365 but for now you will have to use a third party product such as Deepnet Security:

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just to clear up, they have about 100 email users on their company, and none is accessing cloudpanel, all are using Outlook or OWA