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[Solved] License expiry and billing incoveniences


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Hello Support Team,

We have a problem with our cloudpanel license.

In the web interface it states that our license expires on 8th December 2021.

The license is valid from 8th December 2020 until 8th December 2021 as the log of the cloudpanel states.

But auto payment of our bills is activated and the next bill will be paid on 16th December 2021.


So now the question is, do we have to do something?

i.e. changing the license file or does it automatically update itself?

Will the cloudpanel stop working on 8th December?


I attached the log of our cloudpanel to this support request.


Best regards 


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I have emailed an updated license file to you this morning. The billing issue occurred because you went over 250 users and then went under 250 users for months and our system didn't send a $0 invoice. When you went back over 250 users it billed you that month's amount for each month prior. We haven't ran into this issue because and are currently working with the vendor on how to resolve it. We believe it is because we didn't send you a $0 invoice so a invoice was not created for those months.

Licenses will expire each year and a new license will usually be sent. CloudPanel should check the license portal each time the application pool restarts and download the latest, but if the application pool doesn't restart for extended periods of time (it doesn't sometimes) it will not download the new license file in time.

We apologize for the inconvience. For information on how to install your license file you can visit:

If you have any further questions you can respond here or you can respond to our (or since you have a license

@jdixon Yes that worked. Now it states expiration is on 8th December 2022 in the log and in the web interface everything looks good. Thank you.