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[Solved] Forwarding isn't displayed // doesn't work


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Hi there,

if we set a forwarding on a mailbox in cloudpanel, in ECP there is it.

But if we reload the User in Cloudpanel, the forwarding field is empty.

Sometime it happens, that the entry in ECP is deleted, maybe cause of syncing cloudpanel settings on the user.

In Logfiles, there is following entry by setting the forwarding in cloudpanel:

[WARN] Exchange - PSWARN: Der Befehl wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen, es wurden jedoch keine Einstellungen von ... geändert.

In english something like : The command completed successfully, but no settings of ... were changed.


Is there anything we could control. Unfortunately we need this option for our customers and it should working reliable.


Thanks in advanced for your reply.




Christian Jank

Krämer IT Solutions GmbH

Data Center



Can you please tell me what version you are on?

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Hi there,

one month later and no more errors like this.

Seems like the fix worked well.

Thank you for your support!

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VERSION: 3.2.330.0

We are trying to check this out. We don't see the issue in the current build we are working on but will have to deploy 330 again to fully test this. I don't see any other notes from anyone having this issue. I assume you tried clearing your cache and all of that?

I just tested this on .330 and didn't have an issue and when I set forwarding in CloudPanel it stuck when I went back to the user. Can you please try to clear your cache and try again?

There is also an bug in .330 which prevents you from disabling Exchange on companies. You can download the fix from here and that may resolve the forwarding issue but I do not see it documented where we fixed a forwarding issue (doesn't mean we didn't though).

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clearing Cache but same issue.

We are trying the the fix and test it again.

I will report you soon.


Did you ever find a solution for this?