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[Solved] Error created mailboxes after creating proxy  


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We've just placed an Apache2 server in front of our CPanel installation and are proxying traffic to CPanel. All functions viewing and editing users work as before. We can created new users with no issues. The problem is when we attempt to enable a mailbox. We slide the slider to enable the box, name the account, click save and get an error popup that simply says Error! 0: error.

Checking the Apache2 logs, I see the PUT passed through to IIS. In the IIS logs, I see the command sent to the site. In the CloudPanel logs, I see the command process. In the CloudPanel exchange logs I see the command. The only clue to the issue is an error in the ResponseHandlers log: 2020-11-02 15:48:10,192 ::: [25] DEBUG ::: ResponseHandlers -- Response Handler status code InternalServerError.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I worked with CMason and he was using an older version of CloudPanel. After upgrading to the latest versions he no longer had an issue.