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[Solved] email domain not choose able when adding user  



On step 3 when adding a user to a company the dropdown after the @ for the domain is blank. ON step 2 the login is correct

This is a new install and the first few test domains.

Server 2012R2 for both DC and Exchange, Exchange 2013 with CU21

I checked the powershell virtual dir and it has windows auth and basic checked. another interesting note the domains added to the companies do not show under accepted domains in exchange.

2 Answers

You need to turn that domain into an Accepted Domain first. Only Accepted Domains can receive email which is why that field is blank. Go to Domains, edit the domain you have there, and choose Authoritative. You need to make sure you enable the company for Exchange first.

See the pictures attached



That did the trick thanks!


Just FYI I'm not permitted to view the attachments

Thanks! You should be able to view them now