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I added a domain through Cloudpanel and enabled. It created two entries causing issues for users connecting via Outlook

How do I delete the duplicate domain in cloudpanel? Or do I need to do it in AD?


Jacob Dixon Jacob Dixon 2022-04-21 18:18

@skdemille you added a domain in CloudPanel and it created two? I assume this may have been from hitting the Add button twice really quick but this wouldn’t cause issues with Outlook connecting. The domains in CloudPanel won’t affect Exchange as its only putting it on the OU as a uPNSuffix. Unless it was removes from being an accepted domain and even then that would stop mailflow and not Outlook connectivity. Something else has to be causing the Outlook issues

I think you would be better off going to SQL using the SQL server management studio and deleting the duplicate domain from the cp_Domains table.

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I was able to remove it via SQL however still having issues with Outlook keeping a passport request for this particular domain. No other ones are affected. I even created a stand alone server without shared redirect cert and no issues. Outlook Connectivity Analyzer checks out fine too. 

Jacob Dixon Jacob Dixon 2022-05-01 07:23

@skdemille it most likely is autodiscover picking up something else for that domain. CloudPanel will not be causing this. If thr accepted domain is in Exchange and the mailbox has an email in Exchange, then it should be working. You will have to troubleshoot autodiscover to see what else it is picking up and prompting you