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Change pre2000 name during user creation


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Hallo all,


Currently when we are creating a user in cloudpanel it created a pre2000 username which is the first+lastname attached to each other.

i was wondering if i can change this setting to always take the UPN ( without @domain.ext ) as the pre2000 name.


any help would be much appreciated

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You are in luck! This functionality is already built in. If you go to Advanced on the CloudPanel settings you will find the SamAccountName format which you can change to what you are wanting. You can reach more about it here:

You just need to change it to 0 from 1.

Thank you so much for your reply.
if i understand correctly the setting (0) is correct for my use.

This will use the text supplied in the username before the @ symbol. It will strip any invalid characters and if there is already a sAMAccountName then it will start appending numbers until it finds one available.

however right now when we create a user with UPN "t.test@domain.ext" it wil create a pre2000 name which is "ttest"
so for some reason the "." is not copied to the pre2000 name.
now we manually change this in de active directory and cloudpanel database. so it seems to work fine after manually changing. but how do i achieve this setting without manually changing it? is the "." maybe not supported?