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[Solved] Cannot Add Users


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After my license expiry problem of last week, today I have tried to add a new user to a customer and the green ADD button is missing on all customer so I cannot add anyone. I have recycled the App Pool and no change. I can add companies and domains, just not users.

Don't worry, the .lic file still stated 2021/11/7 as the expiry date. I just inserted the .lic file you sent me last week.



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I just double checked the sent items and the license file emailed to you on 11/11 has an expiration date of 2022/11/7. Please make sure to delete all the old license files from the directory and put this one in its place. I will forward this email again just so you have the latest one.

@jdixon I have the same issue today. Can you send me an updated license file as well?


I just emailed you the license file for your company.