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[Solved] Can this be installed on Core Servers

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We are using Server 2019 Core for both the AD Controller and the Exchange Server.  The Exchange Server is 2019. When I look at the install instructions for Cloud Panel it seems to use a graphical installer, will this work on a Windows Core Server?  Or should Cloud Panel be installed on a third server?

Jacob Dixon 2021-03-14 19:23

Honestly, we have never tested it on Server Core but there isn’t any reason it shouldn’t work because it uses .NET. The only thing I would be curious about working is if the installer software we use doesn’t work with Server Core. I can test it this week on a test server if you want.

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As suggested, I decided yesterday to build a GUI server for this purpose, am working through populating it now.  But if in the future you do some up with a way to do it all on a core system I think that would be useful. 

All our AD and Exchange systems are Core servers, so would prefer to use those.  This seems to be the way MS is going with regards to production servers.

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Many thanks for the feedback.  I built a lab system yesterday to test this. The results were mixed.

The CloudPanel installer runs ok, and all seems to go well.

The CloudPanel Scheduler installer runs, but has an issue that it is unable to start the service, not sure why.

Biggest issue, unable to do initial configuration as cannot run a browser on the local host.  If we can get past this, and find why the scheduler service does not start, then we could be good to go.

Jacob Dixon 2021-03-14 19:39

Ahh I didn’t even think about the initial configuration issue, that will be an issue. The only way around that is it already having the data in the database and that can’t happen unless you configured it on another server. Also, the installer running issue is common and most likely isn’t starting due to not having log on as a service rights or most likely in your case it is because CloudPanel hasn’t been attempted to login yet so it hasn’t done the database updates. There is a log file the service generates that would point to the issue.


But, like you mentioned the biggest problem is the initial configuration and there won’t be a way to overcome that other than what I mentioned above. You may just have to put it on a GUI server for now 🙁