[Solved] Blank Browser Window (IE and FF) at first login.  



Hi and thanx for providing this tool.

Exchange 2013 CU 14 (english) is installed on Datacenter 2012 R2 VM

I installed SQL Express 2014 (german) on the Exchange VM.

Updated to Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 Runtime according to your requirements.

Created the OUs and Security Groups.

I didn't:

Secure the Offline Address Book
Hide the “Groups” section in OWA
manipulate Mailtips

Everything else was in accordance with your instructions exept the AppPool is called CloudPanelAppPool, but it has the IDENTITY of a Domain Admin that has full rights on everything.

If I try to logon to the CloudPanel I end up with a blank browser window.

Now I'm stuck since I can't configure anything.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanx in advance



Are you trying from a remote computer or from the server that CloudPanel is installed on? If you try from the server do you get a different result?


Are you still having this problem?

Sorry, I was travelling...

I installed SQL & CloudPanel on the Exchange Server VM. I tried on that server:


which resulted in a blank browser window. Later I found that http://localhost/ecp didn't work anymore.

So I changed the CloudPannel site in IIS to port:81 and tried


which resulted in a blank screen as well.

I also tried from a different machine


-> blank browser.

Do you think you can email support@knowmoreit.com so we can schedule a remote screen sharing. Our timezone is CST. Normally during the install you want to leave the website as Default Web Site and it will just create a new virtual directory under that website. It sounds to me like you entered something new which created a new IIS website on port 80... which in your case would of conflicted with the existing Exchange one?

You are probably right with Your assumption.

I did send a mail requesting support as You suggested.





After looking at some screenshots that was sent, it appears the issue was caused by entering a new website in the installer which the installer created automatically. The problem is it sets the new website to the file path (default c:\Program Files (x86)\Know More IT\CloudPanel) but also still creates the virtual directory to the same path. So if you access the virtual directory it generates a white page. Suggested reinstalling CloudPanel and selecting the Default Web Site and then we will see if that resolves the issue.


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