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App crashing


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CloudPanel crashing often requiring app pool to be recycled. Can you point me in the right direction?


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Is CloudPanel actually crashing? IIS application pools have a default recycle interval and that issue with the application pool needing to be recycled is a problem only after the pool recycled and couldn't start fast enough and/or received too many requests while restarting. We are working on that issue but if Cloudpanel is actually crashing, then thats a different issue.

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Ok thanks. You are right. CloudPanel is not crashing however some Razor errors come up that get resolved when the application is recycled

@skcvm Yes, that issue we have fixed in the next release. The issue may occur but it won't get cached where it gets stuck forcing you to recycle the application pool. We have had this issue for a while and haven't been able to narrow down the issue since its a Windows process that is compiling the DLL files when the application pool starts (something is interrupting it or it is failing causing this situation).