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SPLA Reporting to include option to display Security Groups per company and count  


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2018-08-27 10:47  

We use the CloudPanel to administrate an RDS farm as well for users (single sign on for VPN, RDS, Email, etc).  SPLA reporting or any company report for that matter, it would be nice to select an option to display security groups and the"user count" per group.  For instance, our datacenter admin runs a SPLA report each month for billing, but just because a company has 34 accounts doesn't mean much to him.  He has to determine RDS licensing, exchange licensing, webmail only licensing, VPN licensing, etc.  For exchange vs webmail, we simply have a separate "reseller" account that only has webmail/pop/imap users.  The other licensing however is a chore each month to audit.

In the setup somewhere it would be nice to be able to predefine ADDITIONAL security groups to be created per company when adding a new company.  We could therefor define say the following -

RDS User, Exchange User, VPN User

These groups (only these defined groups, no other security groups for other stuff) would be polled for reporting.

Then when ran, the SPLA report could show (optionally) those defined groups.


Total Users: 34

Security Groups

RDS Users - 28

Exchange Users - 32

VPN Users - 8

Now my DC admin knows by looking at it, what he needs to turn in for SPLA and for billing purposes.  Our RDS user billing (we call it "cloud user" includes with it, office, exchange, etc.  So he now knows 28 cloud users, PLUS 4 exchange users and 8 VPN (cisco anyconnect).  

Hope that made sense -- be happy to elaborate if needed.  But the idea is in the setup, define additional SYSTEM security groups for each company to be automatically crated like the two CloudPanel does now.  THOSE groups would then be read by the SPLA/License reports (optionally, tick a box, if checked, include security group #'s).

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2018-08-27 12:30  

We do have plans to include syncing security group counts to Connectwise which also will allow us to generate reports off the groups. Currently the members of the group are not stored in CloudPanel and are only retrieved from Active Directory when you edit them. Keep a look out for this implementation.


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