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[Solved] Create user, define group membership  


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2018-05-11 11:13  

Quick description of how we have our OU layout for a company (simplified wording).  Each Company we create, we create a default set up of Security groups; RDS User, VPN User, Company Admins, etc.  Of course many times companies have distribution groups as well.

When creating a user, it would be nice on the user creation screen to add groups the user should be a member of while creating.  Then at the mailbox enable/creation screen, have the option of tagging dist list the user should be a part of as well.  So when our helpdesk creates a new user, the user portion screen shows the groups available (which would have our base groups plus say file security groups that had been created for the client as well) for them which would for lack of better explanation, be in the help desk eyes so they don't forget.  Also our clients may submit a new user request and say they want them in the "accounting and maintenance" groups which again the help desk sees, so they select it.  Then at the exchange screen, same idea, add to Everyone group, add to accounting, etc.  Similar say to the company admin profile - where in the profile you can select "add group" and a pop up screen would show available groups for that company (filtered, so security groups show on user screen, exchange groups show on email screen).

If that doesn't make sense let me know. The current user creation screens are fine - just thinking of ways to fine tune some of the processes (and the fact our help desk has forgotten to add users to groups before...).  It's easier to remember when the screen or option is in your face vs. going back to find it.

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2018-11-27 17:07  

Adding security groups and distribution groups to users when creating will be released in the next version (next week)


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