CloudPanel Roadmap

Where CloudPanel is Heading
CloudPanel is constantly changing and integrating more and more features as it matures. This page was created in order to keep everyone up to date as well as receive feedback from our customers.
Addition Description Version
Retention Policies CloudPanel is integrating retention policies to manage email lifecycle and reduce legal risks associated with email and other communications. 3.2.0274.0
Fine-Grained Password Policies Adds the ability to have multiple password policies in your domain per company 3.2.0274.0
Two-Way Sync CloudPanel Service will constantly check Active Directory and sync changes back to CloudPanel in the event you have to make changes on the back-end 3.2.0274.0
Password Last Set Monitor when users last set their password directly on the users page 3.2.0274.0
Reset Password Reminders CloudPanel Service will scan Active Directory and send emails to users giving them a link to follow to reset their password when it gets close to expiring. Works with fine grained password policies too! 3.2.0274.0
Updated Notifications Notification emails from the CloudPanel Service are updated to be more visually appealing and easier to read 3.2.0274.0
Database and Mailbox history stats View the history of each mailbox database to see how fast they are growing. Also you can view the history of a mailbox size to monitor the size and deleted item size over time 3.2.0274.0
CloudPanel ADSync Long awaited ADSync service to capture password changes on a customer’s local domain and sync back to CloudPanel 3.2.0500.0
Scheduled Reporting Ability to schedule CloudPanel reports to be emailed out at a specific time 3.2.0500.0
Additional Reports Many additional reports that have been requested 3.2.0500.0
WHMCS Integration Integration of CloudPanel with WHMCS 3.2.0900.0