Updated settings view so knowing the data interval is more apparent
Permission groups now have a description which will show in the drop down list making it more apparent which permission group you are assigning to the user
Updated the reports to be more professional looking
Enhanced options for assigning permissions. Now a user cannot modify their own user permission and resellers with the Edit Permission role can assign company admin permissions to users (not reseller permissions)

New Features

Added the option to add a new user to security groups and/or distribution groups when creating
 Added option to view your top company mailbox sizes on the dashboard
¬†Added the option to modify a user’s security group membership directly from the user’s edit view

Bug Fixes

Resolved issue with creating a distribution group and providing the send-as permissions at the same time.
Resolved issue with displaying the recently quarantined items under the user edit view for Mailprotector
Resolved issue with deleting mobile devices from a user
Resolved issue with LastPasswordSet not being in UTC
Resolved issue with deleting domains that are provisioned in Mailprotector
Resolved Billing Admin issue with getting a 403 error when logging in and also not seeing the links on the sidebar