Breaking Changes

** LICENSE UPDATE ** CloudPanel will now check in with our licensing portal to automatically issue, extend, and remove licenses. If you are a licensed customer and experience an issue with your licensing, please contact us as soon as possible by emailing Thank you!
Majority of admin related links were moved to the menu located at the top right next to your user profile picture
Requires .NET 4.6.2 or later

New Features

Added the option to view mailbox size history information
Added the option to view mailbox database size history information
Added the option for monitoring password expiration. This allows you to send out automated notifications to users when their password’s are about to expire and provide a reset link:¬†
Added Retention Policy and Retention Tags to the Microsoft Exchange section
Added the option for AD Fine Grained Password Policies
Added the option to enable/disable EWS on mailbox plans
Added more information to the mailbox reports
Added the option to adjust the session timeout values for CloudPanel users
Added the option to completely disable localization in the setup view
Added the option to view when a user’s password was last set


CSV import provides more debugging information as well as the current iteration for troubleshooting
The Reset Login option no longer modifies the SamAccountName. This was implemented to reduce common profile issues when using VDI.
Increased security for disabling users and preventing them from access their mailbox while disabled. By default Exchange caches information which could allow a user to access their mailbox if it was setup a mobile device even when you disabled the user. CloudPanel will now disable ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, MAPI and cut off complete access when disabling a user
Added more information to the email reports
CloudPanel session timeout is now adjustable in the setup view

Bug Fixes

Resolved issue with deleting a distribution group with an apostrophe in it
Resolved issue with the CloudPanel service not reading the settings properly
Resolved issue with importing distribution groups from Active Directory
Resolved issue with the unlock user button not working on the edit user page
Resolved issue with deleting domains because it wasn’t correctly checking for the exact domain name. For example the domains and could of caused it to throw an error saying it was in use when was actually in use and not
Resolved display issue with the Mailprotector logs
Resolved issue with deleting mail contacts
Resolved issue with Mailprotector domain status always being TRUE
Resolved issue with the audit trail only showing the most recent 25 instead of all