Breaking Changes

CloudPanel has a completely new design and the login page has changed colors. You will need to update your branding and change the login colors to what suits you and possibly change the logo
CloudPanel now stores all settings except the sql connection string in the database. When you first upgrade to v3.2, all your existing settings will be migrated into the database for you
Login authentication will now query Active Directory for the sAMAccountName of the security group you specify for super admins instead of the “Name” attribute. For the majority of people this will not be an issue, but for some it may.
We recommend you use Microsoft Edge+, latest Chrome, Firefox, or Safari with a resolution greater than 1024×768.
Company permissions were moved to a global level. All customer level permissions are copied to the global level but you may have a lot of duplicates that you need to consolidate.

New Features

Connectwise Integration has been added
Every user in your environment can login to CloudPanel and update basic information about themselves and change their own password as well as adding their own photo.
User’s can login and enter a backup email which can be used to reset their password with the “Forgot Password” function on the login screen.
When you expand a user on the user’s page you will now have a “Last Login” field which is pulled from Exchange to show you the last time that mailbox was accessed
You now have the option to place a custom logo on reports that is different from the header and login logo
When user’s are disabled in Active Directory and CloudPanel, the date the user was diasbled is logged in the database so you can see
You can now add custom ou’s to the setting to auto create any additional organization units you may require when a new company is created
A new audit system was implemented
Documentation notes has been changed and supports more advanced HTML and images
You can now upload and view user photos. These are user photos stored in the Exchange mailbox so any photo changes in Outlook, Skype for Business, etc will reflect in CloudPanel
You can now view and log off active sessions in CloudPAnel
Overall speed of CloudPanel has been improved
You now get a graph when you expand a user on the user’s page showing the last 14 day statistics of email sent/received
New overview page for Mailprotector gives you information such as the required MX records, domain status, and recommended outbound record
Localization has now been added but is continuing to be improved. If you wish to turn off Localization you can do so in the settings”
Ability to lock companies to specific databases


You can now modify automate/calendar processing options for shared and room mailboxes
Reports page is now more visually appealing
Editing users is now faster because it doesn’t load the permissions for the user’s mailboxes unless you specifically click on that tab
Documentation notes was updated to support embedded images
Settings are now stored in the database and not the XML file
During a fresh install you can now setup everything with Windows Authentication instead of just SQL authentication
Notification has been applied to notify you when your license is about to expire
Permissions were consolidated at the global level to prevent the need to recreate multiple permission groups per company
Citrix section was greatly enhanced and pulls cpu, memory, and other information (processes is not completed yet)

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue with logging off Citrix users
When creating new companies you may not be able to access them unless you log off and back on. This is now fixed.
Documentation categories was not sorted correctly
Resolved an issue with importing users via CSV
Documentation module for files were returning invalid icons