Added option to change the user’s password on the edit user view
Return URL after logout should function more correctly now

New Features

New message tracking log search available to super admins
A user can toggle the two factor authentication setting from under their profile
Non-database users can now toggle two factor authentication (for example, super admins)
Added a new field to companies named “Reference” that can be used to reference customer specific information in your accounting software
You can now quickly view members of groups directly from the main group view
Added the ability to lock down changing the mailbox plan on the permissions page

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue with the forward to select not working if it was set to a distribution group
Resolved an issue with changing the user’s login name
Resolved an issue with the main password view for super admins cutting off passwords on the quick view if they contained HTML characters
Resolved an issue with the refresh of mailbox databases on the dashboard
Resolved an issue with releasing spam from Mailprotector.