05 Feb 2016

Mailprotector integration coming soon!

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Know More IT?will be partnering with Mailprotector and including integration with their Cloudfilter service into CloudPanel! This will allow you to provision your customer accounts directly from CloudPanel and allow administrators to manage quarantine and log searches!

Mailprotector supports other features such as email archiving, email encryption, and email continuity!

Effectively quarantine bad email

Inbound/Outbound protection from harmful spam, viruses, and malware

CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages which contain offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held in quarantine, while any good messages continue on their way to the end user.

CloudFilter can be working for you in less than an hour. All it takes is a quick MX record change on your mail server to direct your email through our secure filtering systems.

Daily email security reports

Summarizes email stats and streamlines quarantine tasks

Works perfectly on any device

Users can receive a daily email security report which shows a summary of the messages they have recently received. It’s a great way for your users to see exactly how much CloudFilter is doing to protect them, and it looks great on desktop or mobile devices.

Release spam without the need to login

Messages can be released directly from a link in the email, so there?s no need to login. This saves users from the hassle of logging in to their console and sifting through the full list of messages in the quarantine.

Easily add good senders to ?allow? list

Once a message is released and the confirmation screen is shown, a user can add the sender?s address to their allow list, so messages from that sender are never held in quarantine again.

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