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30 Jan 2019

CloudPanel 3.2.0300.0 Available

CloudPanel 3.2.0300.0 has many new exciting features and is almost ready for production. If you would like to assist with beta testing, please let us know! Below is a list of the bigger features implemented into CloudPanel 3.2.0300.0:
Addition Description
Message Tracking New message tracking log search available to super admins
Two factor A user can toggle the two factor authentication setting from under their profile. Non-database users can now toggle two factor authentication (for example, super admins)
Additional Column Added a new field to companies named “Reference” that can be used to reference customer specific information in your accounting software
Quick View You can now quickly view members of groups directly from the main group view
Lock Down Added the ability to lock down changing the mailbox plan on the permissions page
17 Aug 2018

New user password expiring notifications in (released next week)

The latest release of CloudPanel coming out next week includes some awesome new features. One important new feature is a way for you to manage password policies for each customer which allows you to customize different settings per customer.

Along with this, it also will email your customers when their passwords get close to expiring giving a more self-service password reset to your customers!

To learn more about this feature and how to set it up, visit:

13 Aug 2018

CloudPanel 3.2.0265.0 Beta Available

CloudPanel 3.2.0265.0 has many new exciting features and is almost ready for production. If you would like to assist with beta testing, please let us know! Below is a list of the bigger features implemented into CloudPanel

Addition Description
Retention Policies CloudPanel is integrating retention policies to manage email lifecycle and reduce legal risks associated with email and other communications.
Fine-Grained Password Policies Adds the ability to have multiple password policies in your domain per company
Two-Way Sync CloudPanel Service will constantly check Active Directory and sync changes back to CloudPanel in the event you have to make changes on the back-end
Password Last Set Monitor when users last set their password directly on the users page
Reset Password Reminders CloudPanel Service will scan Active Directory and send emails to users giving them a link to follow to reset their password when it gets close to expiring. Works with fine grained password policies too!
Updated Notifications Notification emails from the CloudPanel Service are updated to be more visually appealing and easier to read
Database and Mailbox history stats View the history of each mailbox database to see how fast they are growing. Also you can view the history of a mailbox size to monitor the size and deleted item size over time
28 Jun 2018

Stay Up To Date

New Pages Added

In order to help everyone stay up to date on upcoming changes and known issues, we have created two separate pages for us to document this for you. The upcoming changes will give you the opportunity to view and even test changes that are coming down the road. Knowing what is going to come can also give you the advantage of providing your own input since we base the majority of our changes around our customers’ needs.

Our new known issues page will let you quickly see any known issues for the latest version and provide a link to download the hotfix.

If you have any questions or input, please feel free to contact us!

21 Feb 2018

CloudPanel 3.2 Available

CloudPanel 3.2 is now available for download. Our latest version includes many enhancements to CloudPanel from speed to more integrations with third-party products such as Connectwise, while keeping the application simple and easy to use; which is our main goal. Download CloudPanel 3.2 today!
24 Oct 2017

CloudPanel 3.2 Beta Available

Recently we have been testing the alpha version of CloudPanel 3.2 in our environment and are now happy to announce the first BETA is available! If you are interested in trying the BETA, please let us know and we can help install it for you. We will only accept a limited number of BETA deployments. You can also try out the beta in our lab environment:

Breaking Changes

changes that may affect your environment
  •  The Super Admin and Billing Admin groups need to have the SamAccountName of the security group instead of the “Name”. Typically these values are the same in most environments, but if you happen to enter a security group with the name “CloudPanel – Administrators”, then most likely the SamAccountName would be “CloudPanel Administrators”.
  • Since this version has a new interface, the login screen has changed and it may require your adjusting your logo.

Known Issues

issues known in this beta
  • Ignore and Resolve buttons on the dashboard for full mailboxes does not work.
  • Localization is not included in the beta yet but the full release will be localized.
  • My profile page link does not direct you to the profile page for yourself.
  • Forgot password link does not send an email.

New Features

new features included in this beta
  • Integrated two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator
  • Mailbox plans now have a CLONE option available for you to quickly deploy new plans.
  • Permissions have been moved to a global level instead of per company. Existing permissions from prior to 3.2 will be converted to global permissions which most likely will involve duplicates. You will need to move user’s permissions around to consolidate.
  • You can now view who all is using the mailbox plan from the mailbox plans page.
  • Companies view now shows a number of disabled users.
  • Completely redesigned interface.
  • Documentation passwords now show when the password was last changed.
  • You can now view, modify, and remove user photos from CloudPanel that are stored in Exchange.
  • You will be notified of license expirations within CloudPanel when your license is about to expire.
  • All settings except for the database connection string have been moved to the database.
  • Upgraded auditing that shows you down to each object when and who made the last change.
  • Informational notes in the documentation section now allow you to save images directly within the notes instead of linking them to external urls.
  • Increased the performance of editing user’s e-mail by separating the full access, send-as, and send-on-behalf to another section so it isn’t queried each time.
  • You can now manage mobile devices per user which includes deleting, blocking, and wiping. This can also be managed by customers if you grant them permissions.
  • You can manage distribution groups at the user level as well at the normal distribution group level.
  • CloudPanel now integrates with Connectwise to sync mailbox plans to product additions under agreements for each company.
  • Localization has been added but this BETA delivered to customers won’t be localized yet. This will be included in the full release.
  • You can now view all active sessions within CloudPanel and kill sessions.
  • Branding has been updates to include more colors and also give you a live preview of the changes you are making without saving.
  • Implemented a user profile page which allows every user to login and update certain values of themselves.
  • Implemented a “forgot password” function which allows users to get a password reset link as long as has they have a backup email specified.