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13 Oct 2016

Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 was released this month but we wanted to inform everyone that CloudPanel has not been tested and is not supported on Server 2016 yet. If you are installing CloudPanel please use 2008 R2, 2012, or 2012 R2 until we can fully test the new operating system. Thank you!
21 Feb 2016

CloudPanel is officially a validated control panel!

CloudPanel is now validated as a control panel for Microsoft Exchange multi-tenancy. What does this mean? This means Microsoft has reviewed and found CloudPanel to comply with guidance produced by Microsoft. We have provided evidence that we use only documented and supported processes and methodologies in our solution. Does this mean Microsoft supports CloudPanel? No. All support must go through Compsys / Know More IT. You cannot contact Microsoft for support for CloudPanel.
05 Feb 2016

Mailprotector integration coming soon!

The best email services for resellers

Know More IT?will be partnering with Mailprotector and including integration with their Cloudfilter service into CloudPanel! This will allow you to provision your customer accounts directly from CloudPanel and allow administrators to manage quarantine and log searches!

Mailprotector supports other features such as email archiving, email encryption, and email continuity!

Effectively quarantine bad email

Inbound/Outbound protection from harmful spam, viruses, and malware

CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages which contain offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held in quarantine, while any good messages continue on their way to the end user.

CloudFilter can be working for you in less than an hour. All it takes is a quick MX record change on your mail server to direct your email through our secure filtering systems.

Daily email security reports

Summarizes email stats and streamlines quarantine tasks

Works perfectly on any device

Users can receive a daily email security report which shows a summary of the messages they have recently received. It’s a great way for your users to see exactly how much CloudFilter is doing to protect them, and it looks great on desktop or mobile devices.

Release spam without the need to login

Messages can be released directly from a link in the email, so there?s no need to login. This saves users from the hassle of logging in to their console and sifting through the full list of messages in the quarantine.

Easily add good senders to ?allow? list

Once a message is released and the confirmation screen is shown, a user can add the sender?s address to their allow list, so messages from that sender are never held in quarantine again.

28 Dec 2015

Exchange 2013 CU11 may cause issues with CloudPanel when running in coexistence

Starting with Exchange 2013 CU11 powershell cmdlets are loaded based on where the currently logged in user’s mailbox is located. This can present a problem with CloudPanel if you have it set to 2013 but the account you are using in CloudPanel has a mailbox still on 2010.? Continue reading Exchange 2013 CU11 may cause issues with CloudPanel when running in coexistence
17 Dec 2015

New Update

We had some issues with the latest 3.1.0830 build that came out yesterday. Various problems with the install process and new bugs that were found have been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience! To download the latest update please go here. If you run into any issues please be sure to post on the support forum or send us a message!
01 Dec 2015

Important notice about this weeks new release!

At the end of the week we are releasing a new version of CloudPanel that includes many new features and bug fixes. This version also is the first version that will limit you to 250 users total unless you purchase more licenses. If you upgrade to this version and you already have more than 250 users then you will only be allowed to edit the first 250 users created in CloudPanel. Attempting to edit a user that was created after the first 250 will result in an error being displayed. Some of the new features in CloudPanel are:
  • Exchange 2016 Support
  • Manage Active Directory security groups per company
  • Public Folder integration for 2013 and 2016
  • You can no longer delete a user that is on litigation hold. In previous versions deleting a user removed the user from Active Directory regardless if it has a mailbox. Now deleting a user that is enabled in Exchange will result in the mailbox being disabled first then the user deleted.
  • Allow domains to be created in multiple companies (shared domains)
  • URL’s use mostly UserPrincipalNames instead of UserGuids to make it easier using the API
  • Step by step wizard when creating a user that allows you to enter more data
  • Ability to customize the company code to what you want (letters, whitespace, and numbers only) or allow the system to automatically generate it for you
  • Global search option which searches only what you have permissions to
  • New option for setting the DisplayName to a different value for the address lists. Previous versions created it as “<CompanyCode> – All Users” and that is how it would be displayed in Outlook and OWA, but now you can set the address list name/value to “<CompanyCode> – All Users” but keep the display name as “All Users”
  • New OS style selecting when choosing members for distribution groups and security groups. You can now use CTRL + SELECT or SHIFT + SELECT to select multiple options just like you would in Windows
  A few bug fixes:
  • Resource mailboxes are not associated with an address book policy
  • Top companies graph is sorted in the wrong direction
  • Creating new users over and over resulted in error about too many Exchange connections
  • You can delete a user on litigation hold
  • SamAccountName does not limit characters to 19
  • Generating password fields do not work
  • LitigationHoldDuration error with Exchange 2010
  • jQuery toggles were not working in some browsers
  • Company Admins cannot access Citrix because it was looking for the wrong permission value
  • Importing users would fail with Nullable value error