[Solved] User mailbox enabled icon missing  



I have 47 users for a company that was imported and migrated from 2010 SP1 to 2016.

All accounts are mail enabled and have mailboxes in Exchange. 46 of the 47 entries show the Yellow envelope (has a mailbox) icon and one does not.

I confirmed that this entry does have a mailbox in exchange and is working correctly.

Are there any bad repercussions with just going through the mailbox enabled steps in CloudPanel. Will it try to create a new mailbox and complain about a duplicate email address or will it know that these are the same accounts?





CloudPanel won't be able to edit it. If you want you can use SQL Management Studio and find the cp_Users table and update the MailboxPlan column to the mailbox plan they should have.

It sounds like for whatever reason it didn't import it correctly or the drop down box for selecting the mailbox plan for that user was not selected.


Do I need to worry about creation date or ExchangeGuid?


The windows service should pull that in for you later. You can put it in there if you want to.





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