Updated .NET 4.6.2 ...

[Solved] Updated .NET 4.6.2 and CloudPanel results in "NANCY" error  




500 - Internal Server Error

Something went horribly, horribly wrong while servicing your request.

We're sorry ?
Error Details
Error details are currently disabled.
To enable it, please set TraceConfiguration.DisplayErrorTraces to true.
For example by overriding your Bootstrapper's Configure method and calling
environment.Tracing(enabled: false, displayErrorTraces: true);.


Any suggestions?


5 Answers

I did a remote session with David and performed a repair when it was in a broken state. The repair resolved the issue this time.


Does it happen even if you do an IISRESET? I assume you did restart after installing .NET 4.6.2?

If so, run the installer again and choose repair. Make sure to back everything up first.

Repair did not work.  IISReset no help.

I revereted back to a snapshot before starting the whole process and changed the order.  This time I installed .net 4.6.2 first and verified CloudPanel still worked.  Then I copied the CloudPanel directory to my desktop as a backup and ran the installer for the upgrade.


Same symptom.  Nancy is unhappy.

Can you please verify the version you are coming from and the version you are going to? Also, we can do a screen sharing with you if you can let us know when you are available.


From to CloudPanel_3.1.1540

Not sure if you are available now, but I am.  🙂  thanks, Jacob.

I can be in about three hours. Email me at jdixon@knowmoreit.com so I can email you when I’m back


sounds good.  I'll be out and about, but I'll make myself available on my little iPad at 3:00pm PST.

I'll use AnyDesk to get you onboard.


Thank you, Jacob.  I'm grateful for your assistance.


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