[Solved] Unable to bind to type: CloudPanel.Base.Models.Database.Plans_ExchangeMailbox  



Hi there,

yesterday I created some Mailbox-Plans. I noticed the prices changed after saving. I entered 4.95 as mailbox price and after I saved it's 495. If I try to modify the price and save the changes, I get the following error:

Unable to bind to type: CloudPanel.Base.Models.Database.Plans_ExchangeMailbox

Nothing else but the prices where changed. The plan is not assigned to any users.

Best regards,
Kevin Kleinjung

I also noticed the slider for mailbox size got removed, but there is still a field for price per addiotional GB.


The slider appears if you set a smaller size for the mailbox size field than you did on the MAX mailbox size field. Also it appears on the users and resource mailboxes screen.


As far as the currency goes, if you have it installed on a different language server then you need to enter the currency format that matches your locale.


Are you entering 4.95 or 4,95?

I can't enter a comma, see screenshot below.

Also you can see, there is just one field for mailbox size (Max Mailbox Size in Megabytes) and not a sperating one. If I remember correct, there where 2 fields for mailbox size in the version before redesigned UI.

Max mailbox size is "Prohibit Send and Receive in MB".

We added the ability to have "Prohibit Send in MB" which wasn't there before. I do think we should rename it back to "Mailbox Size" though. We will look into the price fields requiring decimal format, but I bet the binding isn't working because it is expecting a comma as a delimiter in your environment due to the server locale settings that CloudPanel is installed on. I know you can't put in a comma, so we will look at the validation issue.

Thank you Jacob. Because there isn't a detailed manual (or does I just missed it?) the naming "Prohibit Send and Receive in MB" is a little bit confusing. If we determine the Prohibit send and receive in MB will all other limits like "Prohibit Send" scale up with the slider?

There is tooltip question marks you can hover over each field that tells you about that field.


Missed to upload the screen, here it comes.


We have released an update which will not validate the decimal form. Let us know if you run into any more issues. Thank you!


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