SQL login problems....  

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> then set the ApplicationIdentity to a domain user with rights to Exchange.

How ???

It's easy to add new Application Pool. But how do I change user ?

I would just reinstall CloudPanel if you can and enter a new database name so it will create a new database for you and enter something like CloudPanel for the application pool during the install.

Ok, I try re-install....

But what about SQL user ?
I feel it's not correct. When installing SQL Express it's recommended not to use "SQL server and Windows Authentication Mode".
Can I change back afterwards and how ?

The installer requires SQL authentication, so you have to enable that. Many people use SQL authentication but the problem with SQL authentication is the password is stored in plain text in the configuration file. If someone could access your plain text file on the server, then they could access the database. But honestly if someone can access your server then you have bigger problems.

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