SQL login problems....  

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Note: CloudPanel uses SQL authentication mode only during the install but you can modify the config afterwards if you are familiar with SQL connection strings to use Windows Authentication. If you change to Windows Authentication it will use the account you specified for the application pool. During the install you must have SQL authentication enabled and working properly. Using the “sa” account is not required and you only need to use an account that has the DB creator role. It is actually best practice to disable the “sa” account.

If you are having issues with getting CloudPanel to authenticate with SQL then we suggest you use SQL Management Studio and test connecting to the same server name and instance that you specified in the CloudPanel install and using the same SQL credentials.

I have  configured user with "dbcreator" and "SQL Server and Windows authentication mode". I can login with SQL Management Studio with that user and create a database.

I still get SQL error when trying to install CP 🙁

What to do ?



Is CloudPanel on a different server? When you test are you logging into SQL Management Studio that is on the same SQL server? The SQL connection that the installer uses isn't any different than ODBC, so it could be you are testing SQL Management Studio locally but if you had SQL Management Studio installed on another server and tried to connect, it wouldn't work.



It's on same server. I have installed SQL Express + Management tools....

Does CP itself create database or do I have to create it before installation (I have tried both) ?

Check sql server configuration utility and make sure TCP/IP is enabled. It sounds to me that sql isn’t accepting remote connections. What you can do to verify is download one of the many SQL connection tester tools out there and test connecting with that. If the installer can’t connect then those other tools wouldn’t be able to either.


SQL Server security settings....


I followed this:  https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/steverac/2010/12/13/test-remote-sql-connectivity-easily/

When entering same settings like for CP only "Windows NT integrated security" works.

No, the installer only accepts sql authentication methods and not Windows. Please send screenshots of what you are entering 

Wait, so it sounds like when you tested that way you can't get SQL authentication to work, right? If you want me to do a quick remote session with you in about an hour, then I can. Just let me know.


OK, I think I got it..... (Not easy when you're not used to SQL).
Created a user in SQL Management Studio.

Can I change back to original user I want to use ?



When I submit changes....

Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Know More IT\CloudPanel\Config\settings.xml' is denied.

What user am I logged in as ?

Am I correct that it's related to the SQL user ?

What to do ?

When you installed CloudPanel did you enter a name for the application pool (I.E. CloudPanel) or did you select the Default application pool?


When you're not familiar with SQL the documentaion is very sparse....



>When you installed CloudPanel did you enter a name for the application pool (I.E. CloudPanel) or did you select the Default application pool?

I chose "Default Application Pool".....

Please go in IIS, select application pools, create a new application pool called whatever you would like, then set the ApplicationIdentity to a domain user with rights to Exchange. Set that virtual directory to use that new application pool.

Or you can simply uninstall, reinstall with a new database but enter a name so the installer will create a new application pool automatically for you.


Should I re-install ?


Yeah I would and enter a name for the application pool so it will create a new application pool. I would enter a new name for the database so it will create a new database for you.

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