[Solved] Role Assignment ?  



When installing:

 Hide the “Groups” section in OWA (Exchange 2010/2013)

Note: This is not needed for Exchange 2016, however you will need to modify the Role Assignment in CloudPanel under the Advanced section on the Exchange tab in the CloudPanel settings.

I'm not sure at all what to change and how (I have Exchange 2016) ?

I get this error, when trying to add an Exchange user....


The role assignment policy"Alternate Assignment Policy" wasn't found. Make sure that you typed the identity correctly.


On Exchange 2016, should I or should I not run the PowerShell commands regarding "Alternate Assignment Policy" listed here:  http://knowmoreit.com/kb/install-cloudpanel/ ?

It says it's not needed on Exchange 2016, but I get the error regarding the policy....


On the settings of Exchange in CloudPanel change the role assignement policy to the default one in Exchange. 


Is that "Default Role Assignment Policy" ?


That is correct.

It was 🙂

Awesome! Is everything up and running now?


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