[Solved] Reports without /CloudPanel in url  




because we use an subdomain for cloudpanel, we removed the /CloudPanel suffix from URL. It seems reports wont work without the /CloudPanel URL Suffix. If we navigate to /reports the SQL Server Reporting Services is opened without any elements. Is there a way to fix this?

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After updating, the IIS Website tree looks like the attached screenshot.


No. If SQL is installed on the same server as CloudPanel and you modified it to run in the root of the website, then you would need to change the URL of the SQL reporting services or just remove the SQL reporting services if they are not needed for any other application (CloudPanel doesn't need the reporting services in SQL).


Thank you Jacob! Removing the SQL reporting services solved all problems.

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I just noticed, "Mailbox Plan Billing Report" refers to "Detailed User Report" in the global reports-view. #Bugreport?


Yes that is a bug. I will resolve that today and put out a new build.

v3.2.0242.0 has been posted and you can download it from the releases page. Let me know if you run into any trouble.


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