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I have created Public Folders and Public Folder mailboxes as per this article http://knowmoreit.com/kb/configuring-using-public-folders/, however it seems that customers are able to see and browse each others Public Folders.

I have the following set up:

MasterPF public folder, which is blank and the Master Public Folder.

Company A Public Folder, which is populated with folders and emails and is a secondary Public Folder.

Company B Public Folder, which is populated with blank folders and is a secondary Public Folder.

The issue is that when I log in as user at Company B and open Oulook, they are now able to see the public folders of Company A with all the folders and emails as well as their own Company B Public Folder (just the blank folders). There appears to be no option within Cloudpanel to amend PF permissions. How do I make it so that customers cannot browse each others Public Folders? Where do I set the permissions for them ?

Another thing I am concerned about is that Company A would be able to see the name of the Public Folder for Company B, if this is named the same as the name of the Company B the customers would all be able to see name of others companies in their email public folders list - something I would not like them to be able to do. Apart from creating a Secondary PF with a non-descript name, such as "Company Public Folder" and then nesting another folder beneath that might be named "Company A Public Folder", is there another way to hide the Secondary PFs from users who do not have permissions to open them?

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It's worth mentioning that I'm using CloudPanel v


You don't happen to have Exchange installed a domain controller do you? 

Also go into ECP and take a look at the permissions of those public folders. Do you see any permissions for "Default" or "Everyone"? 

The Exchange server is not a DC.

Looking at the "Root Permissions" for both Public Folders, there is nothing listed at all as per the attached.


Please look at the permissions of a tenant's public folder


In the ECP it's the same as the attached on my previous post. No permissions listed.

Do you mean check the permissions via Outlook


I see now - from the ECP I've set Public Folder permissions to the customer folders specific to those customers and now they cannot browse the folders of other customers.

Is there a way (other than what I've suggested above) to hide the names of the customer public folders if permissions are not granted to it (In an access-based enumeration type way)?

CloudPanel should be settings the permissions for a group called PublicFolderAdmins@ and PublicFolderUsers@ automatically for you.  It also should make sure the Default and Everyone group is set to None.

Also if a user doesn't have permissions they should not be able to see the other public folders. It works in access based enumeration way by default. It could be since you just fixed the permissions the outlook has it cached


Thanks for your help Jacob - I'll let you know if the Public Folders for company a do not show when I recreate an Outlook profile tomorrow.



Hello Jacob,

Just to let you know that this is working now, thank you for your help.


Great! What was the final solution?


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