[Solved] Error on fresh Control Panel install  



I am facing problems during fresh install of Control panel on a new Windows Server 2016 box with SQL Server 2017 installed. 
I get the following: "There was an error during the SQL script execution process." (screenshot attached).
I did see this forum thread:  http://knowmoreit.com/support/free/error-on-fresh-install/  but still can't get it to work.
Help would be appreciated.

I don't see the attachment added. Can you post it again?



Edited: 3 months  ago

There should be a log file for the installer in the %temp% directory. Can you see if you see the installer's log file? Also what locale did you install SQL?


Log file

I haven't changed any defaults so I would guess en-us.


Issue is resolved. Problem was SQL authentication was not enabled on the SQL server and they were entering just the server name\instance without the database name, username, or password. The new installer for 3.2 is updated to always check these fields and validate connectivity.


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