[Solved] Error 500 after Upgrade to v3.1.1540  




We were trying to upgrade our v3.1.1005 CloudPanel installation to 3.1.1540, but after de upgrade completed without any errors, we get an error 500 when we try to access the panel from the local (or any other) server. So we stopt all services, renamed the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Know More IT" and then replaced it with the previously backed up folder.

Despite the fact that we're back on v3.1.1005, the windows control panel (and CloudPanle itself) shows, that version 3.1.1540 is installed, which prevents us from trying upgrading again. So we cannot try the upgrade again.

A repair of 3.1.1540 caused the error 500 to reappear.

How can we upgrade to the latest version and avoid the error 500 from appearing again?



During the upgrade it will sometimes forget a DLL file. When you get this error you should be able to do a repair and it will work, but since you replaced the files and did a repair, you may have to do a repair a second time. I think the latest installer resolves this issue though because we recompiled it.

If it is still giving you an issue please email the log files in the Log directory to support@knowmoreit.com


Hi Jacob

This is a missunderstanding 🙂

I tried the repair before I restored the previous version, but that didn't solve the problem.
So I restored the previously backed up files and folders (v1005), which restored functionality.

But now we have the problem, that we cannot upgrade anymore, because CloudPanel "thinks" it's allreadey at the new version, which it isn't.

The executable I used to install was created on Saturday January 21. 2017 at 07:12:26.
The one i've just downloaded shows the exact same date and time of creation, so where can i download the new one you mentioned above?

The problem is because you installed the new version it is listed under Programs and Features and has the new version. What you can do is manually edit the Windows registry to adjust the version number so the installer thinks it is still older by finding the CloudPanel registry key under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall (it probably will be a GUID but you can look through each one and find Know More IT or CloudPanel).




I've changed the registry and rebootet teh server. Windows now shows v1005 as installed in Control Panel, but i'm still unable to reinstall v1540.
When I start the setup it only gives me the options to Add or Remove Features, repair/reinstall or remove.

In your first answer you mentioned a new executbale for v1540 but you didn't tell me where i can download it.
The on in the download section ist the same version that I've downloaded and installed before.

Ok, I think it is because the Windows installer GUID hasn't changed. The latest version available is on our downloads page and the version listed on the page is slightly different sometimes than the DLL file versions. Can you please tell me the 500 error you get when you do a REPAIR (Backup your directory first).

Make sure you access the website from the local server ( http://localhost) so the 500 error will actually display.

I have just sent the logfiles and a screenshot of the 500 error to support@knowmoreit.com


Assisted WBCH. The problem was it had the wrong DLL files for Razor in the BIN directory. This was caused by an unknown issue with the installer. I moved all the MVC/Razor DLL files to the desktop and repaired the install and it put the correct ones in there.


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