[Solved] Delete / edit company error  



I created a new company and it finished without errors.

When i want to mange the new company i get the following error.

Serverfout in toepassing /Cloudpanel.

De bron kan niet worden gevonden.

Beschrijving: HTTP 404. Mogelijk is de door u gezochte bron (of een afhankelijkheid daarvan) verwijderd of tijdelijk niet beschikbaar, of is de naam ervan veranderd. Controleer de spelling van de volgende URL. 

Aangevraagde URL: /Cloudpanel/company/CON/overview/set

If i try to edit the company or try to delete the company i get another popup error see attachment.

Recreating the company does not work since the domainname is allready known in the system.



What version are you on? This most likely is because the word CON in the parameter. Depending on the version you are currently on, you may need to add the following to the web.config under the <system.web> element:

<httpRuntime relaxedUrlToFileSystemMapping="true" />


The version was 3.1.... and we updated to 3.1.1536 and that resolved the issue for us.

Because the first 3 letters of the new company are CON the company code that was created was CON.

Thanks for tyour reply.



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