cant delete mailbox  



      i try to delete one corrupted mailbox from cloud panel, now its deleted somehow from exchange but its still visible in cloud panel while its deleted from exchange ......  now my problem is how to remove this mailbox from panel .

i get this error  


504 is a gateway timeout, so you may want to check the resources on your CloudPanel server and your Exchange server(s)



one of my Mailbox server HD was full now i created space but i still have the same error ..

any idea ?


Cloudpanel tries to contact https://[exchange server you put in settings]/powershell. Are you able to browse to that with your browser?

Edited: 2 weeks  ago

yes i am able to go there and also i can create a user in panel only problem is when i try to delete user i get this error ...........

We may have to do a remote session to look at this. Please email with a good time to do a remote session (between 8am and 5pm CST)


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