[Solved] 500 internal server error  



I am reposting from the general forum page, will go back and delete that post, thanks


Just tried to upgrade to the lasted version (3.1.1005 - 3.1.1540) and after what appeared to be a successful install, get the 500 - internal Server Error while trying to connect to the login prompt.

I looked and services are running, application pool restarted and when I try to do a cloudpanel repair it cannot find the cloudpanel msi file (no such file on the server, the install file is an exe file)

I even rebooted the server, because well, it is a Microsoft OS.

Still no good, any other suggestions?

Also my Bytesizelib.dll is version 1.2.1





I see you tried running a repair but windows couldn't find the installer. Can you run the installer you downloaded and it should prompt you with an option for repair. Please run the repair and see if that resolves the issue.


Dang you are quick, each time I switch over to delete the other post you've already replied.

The repair worked from the installer, database update says it was successful.

Will check to see if the contact import shows up now with this latest version, have another company migration tonight.


Thanks for the assist.


Ha sorry!

Glad it is working and we are aware of the upgrade issue. We are working with the deployment software vendor to find out what is going on during the upgrade process.



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