Custom PowerShell scripts  


4way Solutions
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2017-03-10 10:53  


We seam to be finding more and more cases where having a custom PowerShell script run following some of the CloudPanel processes. It would be really good to have the option to have the existing scripts call custom scripts after they run.

One of our cases is, after a Customer is added to have a script run to create additional OU's, fire off an API call to AWS to create a new instance/add some Route 53 entries / Execute some CloudFormation scripts.

Basically allowing us to expand on the existing automation and taking it a step further.


Jacob Dixon
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2017-03-10 10:56  

It currently is on the books and also creating additional organization units in the company OU is added by default in the next big release (couple months).

Can you do all of that with powershell that you are wanting?


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