[Solved] CSV import with manager and password never expires  


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2016-07-27 01:23  

Hi Jacob,
can you provide the possibility to add the manager per .csv, maybe per username?
and "password never expires" like in the gui.

Thanks in advance

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2016-11-28 06:24  

Hallo Jacob,

annything new?

I have annother feature-request:

If I change "Password never expires" or the co-Attribute in active Directory, it does'nt show up in Cloudpanel.

So when a Helpdesk-User sets "Password never expires" in Cloudpanel it changes the attribute in active Directory no matter if it is set in ADDS or not.

I think the only way to solve this is to let "cloudpanel" read from active Directory instead from SQL??

Maybe it's the same for other attributes?

Jacob Dixon
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2016-11-28 09:06  

The password never expires is in the CSV import of the beta but the two-way sync is still not. We are actually looking at redesigning and making password management part of CloudPanel and no rely on Active Directory. This will open the possibility to assign different password policies to different companies/users which is something that is not easily achieved in Active Directory (by default its for everyone and not per organizational unit)

This would take the place of your issue with password never expires. Part of this change would be turning off password policy changes in AD so they don't conflict.


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